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Setting instructions 3CX

Sip Trunk settings for 3CX


Click on “Sip Trunks” on the main menu

Click on “+ Ad Sip Trunk”add trunk
The popup “Ad SIP Trunk/VoIP Provider appears
Select from the dropdown menu “Select Country” the “Generic” Entry
Select from the dropdown menu “Select Provider in your Country” the “Generic SIP Trunk” or “Generic VoIP Provider” Entry
Attention Keep in mind if you select “Generic SIP Trunk” it must be Register/Account based in Authentication Type section

add trunk2


On the tab General

Section Trunk Details

Enter a Name for your Trunk
Enter your Register server Like “”
Uncheck the Auto Discovery cheek box, and enter the sip port 5060 or 5070
Leave the Outbound Proxy Blank
Enter you voice channel amount default 2 for each Customer Account.


Section Authentication

On Authentication Type Select Register/Account based
On Authentication ID Enter your SIP Device
On Authentication Password Enter your SIP Device Password


1 3cx reg1


Section Route calls to

Select your call routing if you have only 1 DID for this Trunk assigned

2 1 3cx reg route 2


On the DIDs tab

Section DIDs

If you have more then 1 DIDs for this Trunk add it here, then you can Manage the Routing from the “Inbound Rules” Menu

3 3cx reg did 3


On the tab Caller ID

Section Default caller ID

Enter your Outbound caller ID

 4 3cx reg outbound 4


On the tab Options

On the sections Call options and Advanced Leave the Default values

6 1


On the section Codec Priority

Delete the G.711 U-law or PCMU, and add any other Codec you wish.

6 3cx reg codec6


On the tab Inbound Parameters

Leave the Default values

7 3cx reg inbound7


On the tab Outbound Parameters

On the SIP Field “From: User Part” select “AuthID authentication”

8a 3cx reg outbound8a